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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 530PM  CBS  March 6, 2011 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news." in high definition. >> it's skyrocketing, it's out remainous. >> he is talking about gas prices, still on the rise with no end in sight. how the government could step into ease this sticker shock. not a good day to take a sunday drive. a fatal accident involving several cars shuts down an east bay road and trevor is stalled at the bay bridge because of an accident. >> and a big jump in garbage collection rates, good evening, i'm ann notarangelo. >> they are seeing one of the biggest price spikes ever. the average nation-wide price for a gallon of regular goose
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is $3.51, a 33-cent jump over the past two weeks. that's the second biggest spike on record. according to gas, the average in san francisco is $3.92, san jose 3.90 and oakland $3.89. inez pere ray on the drastic murder that may be used to combat the gas prices. >> gas prices are pumping up. >> it's outrageous. >> reporter: the average price of regular gas jumped 33 cents per balloon in the past two weeks. that's the second biggest increase in two weeks on record. nation-wide the average price has soared to $3.51 per gallon according to the lundberg survey and oil is selling for more than $100 a barrel. lawyer james macmillan says he drives often to see clients. >> it makes it difficult for the working man to get back and
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forth between the city and new jersey and to move around. >> reporter: analysts say there are a couple of reasons for the sudden increase. the unrest for the middle east, where most of the oil is produced, and the larger demand. >> reporter: they say there's all considerations even tapping nhs to the country's reserves. >> all has to be on the table. >> reporter: many senate democrats would support the rare draw-down of the reserve but republican senator lamar alexander says it's not the right approach. >> what we need to do is find more of our own energy, explore offshore, explore on federal land for more oil and natural gas, and explore in alaska. >> reporter: the last time they sold oil from the nation's reserve was after hurricane katrina. inez pe ray, cbs news. a five-car accident in contra costa county has killed a fremont woman and injured
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five others, this happened just before midnight. the woman was driving south on vasquez road in a dodge neon when she lost control and vert veered into the north korean bound lane. she sideswiped three on coming vehicles and her car ended up stopping sideways and she was hit by a ford focus. the driver of the neon was killed in that collision. >> it's scary, it's bad you know, people need to be more cautious when they are driving you know. it's dangerous out here. >> it was range at the time of the crash. the chp is trying to determine if, whether excessive speed, drugs or alcohol were factors. a jackknifed big rig on the lower deck of the bay bridge held traffic for four hours. a safe way truck crashed a little after 8 on an east bound approach. the driver suffered minor cuts on his face. no other vehicles were involved. after the truck was removed
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three lanes removed closed while caltrans crews cleaned up the fuel leaks. all lanes re-opened around noon. the rain isn't over yet. more his. >> yeah. you know, it wasn't real heavy rain around the bay area but it was dreary and drippy all day long, enough to get those roadways very slick outside. we continue to see those showers throughout the evening and looks like the main focus right now is in parts of the north bay, you can see light amounts of showers towards santa rosa, you get the idea, more showers in this direction. a little further south you have still got some scattered light showers in toward concord and danville, making its way in toward the oakland area, then as you make your way to the bay area, not a lot of moisture here, our doppler radar is actually over shooting some of the clouds there. that means we're not seeing some of that low-level moisture, expect some scattered showers, rainfall totals, they haven't been all that impressive but not bad.
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in sonoma we've got almost an inch of rain, napa over an inch. into the santa cruz mountains another 3/4, some of the mountaintops around the bay i have seen as high as an inch and a quarter, not a real heavy soaker, definitely wet outside, a series of storms possibly headed toward the bay area, more than that coming up in a few minutes, back to you. >> well the mobile food truck phenomenon has exploded in san francisco in the last couple of years. the city is now making it easier for operators to get permits, they are starting to issue the permits tomorrow. vendors are already hind up. linda. >> reporter: they are lined up, ann, and in the rain here too. we've got a dozen food truck vendors camping out here, they want to be the first to get these new permits starting tomorrow. we've got all kinds of vendors, soup, grilled cheese
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sandwiches, vietnamese, indian sandwiches, hot dogs and pizza. each vendor will pay up to $3,000 for their permit. now that's $7,000 less than their predecessors who are already operating food trucks in the city. they will be able to get up to 7 different locations. the department of public works department office won't open until tomorrow morning and there won't be any limit on how many permits will be issued but these entrepreneurs say there is a real important reason why they want to be first in line. >> it's all about location. you know, there are spots in this city that are going to be up for sale which could make or break your business. >> reporter: for example? >> well i can't say. >> reporter: give me a hint. >> well you know, if you're serving late night there are going to be spots in the mission or near a lot of districts where clubs don't have a lot of food so we're going to be able to pull up on the corner and sell to the hungry masses. and also, there are sections of the financial district downtown. >> reporter: so what do we
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have? we have -- >> there will be rules. only 1 food truck on any given block, they can't be selling the same type of food as the old brick and mortar restaurant within a belong of that location. now this process is all being streamlined, that's the new part, before they had to go to various city agencies, police department, health department, now they will becoming here at dpw and get the process done right all in one day. but there are also going to be new rules, ann, when they get a location they have to send out notices to all of the surrounding businesses and residents and inform them of their intentions and they may have to go to a hearing if anybody objects. >> eh linda, let me ask you, are any of the potential food vendors concerned that there isn't going to be a limitation on the number of people competing in that kind of business? >> reporter: well there are going to be limitations, only 1 food truck per block, so if there is a like business the two food trucks can't be on the
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seam block. >> linda yee, san francisco, thank you. no way to identify a partial body, no evidence leading to a suspect, why oakland police are re-opening a grew some murder case from 1980. between a victim and another man who hasn't been seen since. and the search has intensified for a student missing in spain. the 22-year-old was last seen there. ,,,,,,,,
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. particuarly gruesome murder. police s oakland police are re- opening a cold case involving a particularly few some murder. all police are saying is that his identity is still a mystery. what we do know is this person was killed in 1980, scientists believe he was in his late 20s, about 6 feet tall, 180 pounds with blonde wavy hair and he had 11 ribs. most people have 12. his burned body with no head, no limbs, and no internal orphans was found in a gutter in west oakland. his skull and leg bones found in a different location. just recently modern dna confirmed it was from the same man so they re-opened the case. they believe the victim knew a
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man from prison who disappeared soon after the body was found plus another man who was also murdered. they are investigating if all of this may be gang-related but they need to start by identifying the man. the search is intensifying for a california student missing in spain. he disappeared a week ago after going to a night club in madrid. austin bites is a 22-year-old exchange student from san diego university. his classmates say he was too drunk to into that night club and so he decided to walk home. he hasn't been seen since. his family is in spain along with spanish police and hundreds of volunteers searching for him they have a criminal with an armed man there. concord police say four of the convenience stores in concord and walnut creek have been robbed in the past four days. in each days they say the robber had a gun.
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they have released a photo of the suspect and they say he robbed at least one of the stores in the city. concord police have a physical decision description of him that match one given before. garbage rates are rising for residents and businesses in san mateo and beginning april 1st the cost to pick up compost and recyclables will raise 22%. a typical home will see their bill jump from $39 to $48 per quarter. the city council is expected to give final approval for the rate increase tomorrow night. she has gone crazy, she is out of control. come here, hold all these clothes. >> it's legendary, the white elephant sale in the east bay, the interesting items, the interesting people, and the good cause that brings people out looking for bargain treasures. showers continuing around the bay area. right now we've got several more storms headed our way. we'll talk about that next.
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turned out today for the annual white elephant sale to benefit th bargain hunters, treasure seekers and junk affectionados all turned out for the white elephant sale to benefit the oakland museum. anne mackovic joined the hunt to find out it is really true. one man's trash is another's treasure. >> there is a certain amount of energy that can only exist here. >> reporter: it is oakland's legendary white elephant sale. >> there's lots of great things, we come every year. >> reporter: the 52 under
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annual fundraiser for the oakland museum. >> i'm just kind of overwhelmed with the different kind of stuff this year. >> reporter: looking around the warehouse, difference might be an understatement. meriam webster describes white elephant as an item no longer of value to its own but maybe to others. >> every person has decided they want this so -- >> but why is it still here? >> i don't know. i don't know. >> any resemblance ambulance between this crazy cat lady statue and this reporter is coincidental and scary. >> i think it qualifies as -- >> creepy. >> you know, we have a certain group of people come in looking for creepy. >> reporter: even more interesting than the items you can find are the people. >> she is not crazy, she is out of control. come here, hold all these clothes. >> reporter: i hear you're out of control. >> yeah, i am out of control. >> reporter: sir, how is your
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hunt for spec's going. >> i've went through 200 so far. >> reporter: can you do that after a night of drinkings. >> you can do that or run into a tree. which one do you want to do first. >> reporter: touchi. the whole operation, by the way , is run by volunteers. >> it's not that we're all perfect angels and people get tired and cross and sore and so forth. a oddly enough. >> i believe that, right. >> reporter: but with $1 million in sales expected it's always worth it in the end. >> i come every year and i would live here if i could. >> reporter: in oakland, anne mackovic, cbs5. i don't know, for me it's more of a spectator sport. >> so much good stuff, how do you choose? >> i liked that hat with the cards. >> i kind of liked the peacock. >> and it might still be there. >> probably until next year. >> how do you check it. we've got the rain out there, nothing too heavy, showers continuing outside ann, we're going to see more of that through the evening hours.
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up there right now on the golden gate bridge some showers and fog making its way across that area too. looks like it will continue on and off for the better part of the evening hours and taper off toward tomorrow. you can see a lot of that moving on through right now. a lot of that is in the north bay, even this not heavy, just a drippy mess around the bay area as we continue to see that moving on by. we have got scattered showers moving in this area, toward concord, down in the southland, not as much. we're drawing things out toward the san jose area. but the rainfall totals, yeah, we have set some heavier amounts to the north bay, almost 3/4 of an inch in santa rosa, only 800 says you make your way in towards san jose. this is subtropical in nature so we're keeping things fairly mild with the storm system. numbers in the 50s and the 60s, for tomorrow afternoon, around much of the state, high country, yeah, a lot of snow up
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there for tomorrow, boy it's looking good in tuesday and wednesday if you need to do skiing up there. we've got a system up here, overnight tonight and into tomorrow, we could keep things a little bit on the wet side with that rain. things stay unsettled, looks like overnight tonight, as we've got showers on and off for the better part of the night. as we head into tomorrow morning may not be too bad, although not enough drying to dry out the roadway. a little slick early on, then by the afternoon a system drives in parked in the north bay. that brings a chance of a few more showers. with that in mind we'll keep it cool around the bay area for tomorrow. plan on 50s for highs, maybe a low 60 toward san jose. we're going to keep things a bit upsetled but as we head into tuesday looking pretty good. tuesday i put some 70s in there, that's kind of a quick hitter, showers come thursday. >> all right. thank you much.
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>> dennis here. we'll have to see you and the warriors. >> a frustrating team to watch. a couple nights ago you almost take down boston. tonight in philadelphia against a team playing very well at home the warriors force overtime. we have the latest, i believe it has just ended, and have you heard the latest on tim lincecum? i've got it for you next. ,,
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the warriors road trip got off to a horrible start having lost three of their first four but don't blame monta ellis. he is trying to carry this team on his back. keith smart was appealing to a higher power the final seconds. >> just missed it. got a look. for three. he is good. they don't foul, they led the warriors shoot a three, and monta rails it. iguodala driving, iguodala for the win, no. and it's overtime. >> they flip the trap and the bench scores 67 points, they win 125-117. look out, this guy gets a lap full of hot coffee as ron artest dives into the crowd. the lakers made it look easy against the nba's best bird kobe bryant. shannon brown takes off literally, had 12 off the bench. then it's kobe's turn, off the
5:54 pm
steel he goes all the way for the layup himself despite the hard foul. he had 26. the look on the girl's face just says it all. the lakers embarrass the spurs 99-03. how about the heat and the bulls. keep your eye on the poor referee. twist his knee but would stay in the game. derrick rose didn't have any problem staying on his feet. he had a game-high 27 points but the game came down the to this with 10 seconds left. here is the finish. >> noah to the left, shot no good, loose, picked up by wade for the win. no. the miami heat loss once again and the chicago bulls have swept the heat three games this year. 87-00. >> lebron and wade miss game winning shots. they have lost four in a row. the calendar says march 6th but a couple of pitchers
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throwing like it is july. zito not among those. he is posing with his. taking on the mariners in scottsdale, pablo drives in his seventh of the spring, sandoval leads the cactus league in runs batted in. tim lincecum pitched 2 2/3 innings, struck out 7, including adam kennedy. he lowered his spring e.r.a. to 2.24. brian wilson, i don't see a back injury there, struck out 2. they have 8 wins this spring. how about the a's and the brew crew? gio gonzalez is ready for the regular season, boy is he read e for the regular season, struck out the side in the second, finished with 5 strikeouts in three innings. is yet to allow a hit this spring by the way. getting hits hasn't been a problem for coco crisp. he is hitting close to .500 after this triple down the right field line and the a's tee feet the milwaukee brewers,
5:56 pm
5-4 is the final today. by the way, tune in game day, 11:30 tonight. coco crisp has had a rough week but he remains one of the key components atop the a's lineup. >> how do you put it? you can walk into a stadium knowing you're gonna win a game? >> i'll take that. i'll take what you said. you can walk into a stadium and know that you have a chance to win a game. >> yeah. perfect. >> see. >> well said. thank you. i tried to touch it up slightly. but it's a long day, man. >> yeah, they got a lot of personalities in that clubhouse. the best race car doesn't always take the checkered flag. case in point the cobalt 400, carl edwards is off to the best start of his career. but it was tony stewart who led the race 163 laps, but he pitched with an air hose attached and pulls out with that air hose still attached.
5:57 pm
bonehead moves cost him the victory. last week, a 36th place finish. carl edwards took only two tires, tony stewart, saved him 6 seconds, admitted it was a gift from tony stewart and his pit crew. stewart took second, juan pablo montoya was third. check ought ye yen. do you think he was intimidated by the water on this shot at all? >> no. >> no. look at there. he almost got the car on that hole, settled for a birdie. but second place behind that man. roy sabatini. he had a five-shot lead coming in, only 1-shot lead going out, but it was enough for his wife and new born there. lee westwood, by the way ann, is still ranked number 2 in the world. he had a chance to get back to number 1 but finished in a tie for number 1 but martin kymar remains number 1 we'll be back
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